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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 21, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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games." >> and? >> quickly -- >> all right. >> well done, andy. way to control your segment. i we
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an interview with david axel rod -- >> now mitt romney wins big in illinois. in his victory speech, he comes out swinging at president obama. >> now, by the way, the president's trying to erase his record, with some new rhetoric. the other day he said this, we are inventor, we are builders,
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we are makers of things, we are thomas edison. we are the wright brothers. we are bill gates. we are steal job it's wait, i missed that. we are steve jobs. that's true. but the problem is, he's still barack obama. >> governor romney and speaker gingrich went along with the ride. guess what? when the climate changed, they changed their position. and now they're all for drilling and they're all for oil and gas and coal. i was for it because it was the right thing to do then. i'll be for it tomorrow and the next day and the next day. i am not going to change with the climate. [cheers and applause] >> brit hume is here. good evening. and of course, everyone says, both newt gingrich and santorum, both say they are onto the next one. but this looks different? >> it does look different tonight. it's an important state.
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it's a sizable win. is itt doesn't look like it will be first%, but it's a big win. he will get the lion's share of the delegates. and the decision has been made by gingrich, his strategy is to do what he can to block roumingny from a majority by the end of the primary. rick santorum is telling supporters, he can overtake romney and he can get to 1144 delegates. but i think that becomes more difficult and it will be ever more difficult with time. so he will need to decide he wants to continue down this path, whether he will stay in this to try to deny the frontrunner the nomination and hope after the primary, somehow through the conversation that newt gingrich talks about or through -- through some activity at convention, lightning can strike and he can be nominated. i think it's a long shot. >> all right. we hear the public statement, but hypothetically, what is going on behind the scene, the
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conversation by the two who are not the frontrunners about cutting a deal and their role in a new administration, if the republican nominee wins the presidency? is that -- do you think that conversation's being hah? >> no, i don't think it's too soon. you look at rick santorum who had a report out, he was somewhere near $1 million in debt, based on the fund-raising statements. he may be better off than that. he's know a rich man. he has to think about his family. he has a large family. he has to think about dipping interest his savings, the education of his kids -- >> what -- what kind ever deal, at this point, do you think he could be thinking about? >> a deal with lomny? >> yeah. >> i am not sure this is the stage for a deal with romney. he has to think about whether it's worth going on in this way and whether it's -- whether it's worth it to try to initiate a conversation with romney? he might be a potential vice-presidential selection in a way that i don't think newt
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gingrich ever could be. he's from a different part of the country, somewhat from romney. he is more conservative. he would tend to unite the party, perhaps. he's someone that romney has to think about. but he said in effect that romney was no different from president obam a. that's pretty strong medicine to be saying about someone you might want to select you as a runningmate. >> the statement that speaker gingrich made with sean hannity, talk about this money driving down the turnout and the negative ads -- >> i don't think newt gingrich is in the picture to be vice-presidential nominee. >> i don't think he's in the picture. but he is taking -- he is take anything of the enthusiasm away, i would think from governor romney. >> i would think so. but i think that job was done a long time ago. you know, i sense that newt gingrich -- newt gingrich is a guy with a lot of energy and a lot of things to say and i think he likes to say them. if he stays in the race, he has a bigger flat form than if he
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got out, that's where we are. we don't hear from those who have gotten out. tonight, he didn't even have a celebration of any kind, but he got on fox news and he had a few things to say. he likes that. >> it's so hard to imagine these three working together and having a common purpose. but i would have that with secretary of state hillary clinton and president obama. that was so down and dirty, i never in a million years dreamed they would have worked together. >> politics is a game where you have to be able to be rough and haveie short memory and forgive and forget some of the things have you said. that's the way it works itch the turnout was down, or we are told it was down. does that mean there is not a lot of enthusiasm? >> mitt romney has been able to build a large lead, both in number of votes over his rivals and a large delegate lead. what he has never been able to do is enthusiasm.
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a lot of voters don't trust him. most of all, he has a significant liability of romneycare, whose conceptual similarities to obamacare are unmistakeable. he has not succeeded in splaipg them away. it's a burden he has had to carry. >> if he is the nominee, heville to find enthusiasm. it seems like the enthusiasm for the president, has been somewhat dampened down. how are they going to get enthusiasm backum. >> two ways. one is by choosing a runningmate who unites the party in the way that sarah palin united the republican party four years ago. she really did do that. she brought in all of these conservative who is were not excited about mccain. she did the job. she did a good job early, especially at the convention and she and john mccain were ahead when the market pelt down happened. and the second thing is that president -- so if romney picked a runningmate who had that
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galvanizing effect, that would generate enthusiasm. and the second thing is the resistance to the president is going to motivate a lot of voters in the fall. i think this president has proved very devicive and if you look at the number that the pollster scott rasmussen uses to compare the very -- the -- the people who are dead set against you, against those who are very strongly for you, president has been under water in that number, 10 to 15 points for a very long time. that will generate enthusiasm because they want to get rid of this sitting president. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> we go to the mitt romney headquarters. congressman shock is here. >> good to be with you. >> this is a big night for your candidate, can you give me a reflection? i know you are happy as a governor romney supporter. turnout's been down?
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>> i'll tell you what, tonight was a fantastic night in the land of lincoln, the place that knows barack obama better than anyone. we know what it is going to take to defeat him, come november. we know we want the strongest candidate possible. when you look at the numbers out of illinois, it is phenomenal for mitt romney in the fact that he didn't just win. there are four candidates in this race, he got about 50% of the vote, about half of the voters in illinois, with four candidates in the race, that was a tremendous turnout for him. and it shows also a good cross-section of the demographic. i'm from down state, not chicago. we had them in peoria, yesterday. rick santorum had a rally with a couple of hundred people. mitt romney had a rally with a couple of thousand people there. the treb is going his way. you saw in puerto rico, 80% of the people voted for governor romney there. over half the people, it looks like will vote for mitt romney here. i definitely think the momentum's on his side. >> if he is the nominee, chances
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are, he will be buried with ads about the health care in massachusetts. how would you expect to -- him to respond against the president obama campaign, how will he get around the fact that the massachusetts health care is very unpopular with the republicans? >> well, look, the fact of the matter is, as much as the president may try to subscribe ascribe obamacare do romneycare, it's night and day. obamacare is the only health care law passed in the land that cuts health care for senior bise a half billion dollars, it's the only health care bill that raises taxes on nearly every american and business in america. and mitt romney has stated over and over again that on day 1, he will issue a waiver to all 50 states in the country so not just the politically connected friends of barack obama don't have to subscribe to the law, but every state and individual can have that waiver.
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>> i think what a lot of people, in your party are upset about is the mandate. it's, you know, he defended the mandate in massachusetts. he signed it into law. so president barack obama's campaign is going to come at him on the mandate because he has gone after the president on the mandate. how do you explain that -- how do you respond to that? >> well, quite frankly, that's not what i have been talking about. i will leave that to mitt romney. at the end of the day, i think he has done a great job, distinguishing himself in what he did with health care reform in massachusetts. mind you, he had an 85% democratic house and senate. what he introduced is not what the legislature passed. but it's nice and day to obamacare. at the end of the day, greta, people are worried about 25 million people out of work. they are worried about the infrimplment on our freedoms and the ability of our economy to recover. there is no one to believe that a -- that a law professor, and a
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bureaucrat, life-time bureaucrat will turn this economy around. he has 3 years to do the has done a terrible job. the economy's worse. we fled a job creator and a businessman. and that's why we want mitt romney. >> part of the thinking is that from the republican side of the ledger, is that the economy is doing poorly because of health care costs and the president obama national health care law is going to create a bigger burden on the system, but the system does mirror what he advocated in massachusetts. so have you to deal with tnot only on the question of mandates, but the fact he will come in and say he will try to write ait away, but he has to defend what he did in massachusetts. he will be hit with that? >> you are right, greta. he has had to deal with this issue in iowa, he has had to deal with this issue in illinois and puerto rico. quite frankly, he has been doing a pretty good job dealing with the issues. this economy's hurting, not just because of obamacare, in large part because of obamacare, but
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because of a christmas list, a mile long of bad regulations. one new epa, one new nlranyrulings over and over, a jab in the heart to the economy. that's the kind of disconnect within a bureaucrat, versus a businessman nterms of understanding what our economy needs to get the economy going and create a framework, rules of the game so businessmen and life women,n 't ents are willing to take the risks and create the jobs and turn the economy around, not more federal spending and regulation. >> congressman, thank you very much. obviously, a huge night in the state of illinois for governor mitt romney. an important one, as well. and on to louisiana. thank you, sir. >> the party's over early. but we will take it. >> indeed. next, house majority leader eric kantor wants you -- yes you, to
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co-sponsor legislation with him. co-sponsor? how could that be? wait and see. he goes "on the record" next. >> do you remember the honor system where you got to grade yourself? what grade do you think energy secretary stephen chu is giving himself you? will find out from stephen chu himself. a deadsly shooting of a teenager is sweeping the nation. why is the justice department stepping in? you will hear the latest and the
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>> greta: here's an idea. would you like to co-sponsor a bill in congress? now you can. it's as easy as using facebook. eric kantor launched a citizen co-sponsor. we spoke to leader kantor, earlier tonight. nice to see you. >> always good to be with you. >> greta: okay, i have been on the computer today, navigating around this citizen co-sponsor. explain to me what this web site is? >> citizens co-sponsor is a new media phenomenon that we have unveiled today. what it does is it allows people to engage in the legislative process, get behind bills, advocate for positions, in the
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ooh rina in which they live online. all do you is go to the web site. and you become a citizen co-sponsor. and you then can put on facebook page that you know and your friends know. it's almost like clicking on a like button. basically, you are saying to the world that you like this piece of legislation. any time something moves with that legislation, perhaps the member or the sponsor of the bill will have an online town hall, or there may be a tweet about it, it will show occupant news feed and hopefully will engage the public in a much different but much more rapid way in the legislative process. >> greta: as i listen, i can't help but think about 20 years ago or 40 years ago or 60 years ago, if members of congress knew something like this could happen, where you have this interaction with the citizens. >> it's phenomenal. it's going to the where the
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people are. it's like the old, you know, whifertle train stop tours where, you know, you went to the people, so they could engage with the elected leaders. all of us go and have meetings s with constit webs, whether it's a town hall or a community center. this is signaling, i think, where people are, where they get their information, where they have debates. you will have the ability to debate online t. lends itself to the connectivity of social media. i think that's what is really, really new and evolutionary about this. and we have evolved into this now society, where we are also interconnected online. >> as i look at the things you can co-sponse are. i realize it's just getting started. some citizen can co-sponsor a bill and can track it and get all of these news feeds, to find out where it is, but i would imagine fi were a member of congress and i saw that there was an enormous amount of people
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in my district co-sponsoring some bill, which may be something important to my part of the country or my district, that it might have a bearing on how i thought i should proceed to represent the people. >> absolutely. it's about citizen input. that's what this is all about. it's basically trying to facilitate ownership in the process by citizens of the country. and for so long issue you know, washington has been this place that is so disconnected. what we are trying to do is connect with people in a much more effective way. let's help afford some ownership here, so people can speak out. you are right, it will have the effect, you know, that a member of congress will take note and say this is something we need to get behind. >> if you look at it, it's interesting, you can see the person's picture of who is co-sponsored. frankly, i was fearful -- i was testing it and i thought, oh, no, i have co-sponsored and i have to un-co--sponsor it because of my job.
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but people can see the pictures of those co-sponsoring. >> it's all about ownership. and your "friends" on your facebook page will know that's something you are ental interested in. any time you engage on that bill, they will hear about it because they will see it on their news feed and their page. again, that's how we multiply the communication through this medium. and hopefully contact more people to the process. >> i notice that the first one has to do with the tax cut. you will introduce it tomorrow? >> we will unveil the 20% small business tax cut bill tomorrow. it's straightup trying to help small businessmen and -women, have it easier to retain and create more jobs. that's it. >> greta: citizens can vote yes or no. they can co-sponsor it or want. >> that's correct. if they co-sponsor it, what they will be able to do is, as you suggest, they can track the bill
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through the process. but we are also intending to engage in online discussion about what people feel about this, how it's going to help their business. that's what we want to do, to help afford the ownership of this piece of legislation, so the small businessman or -woman in richmond will know, you know what? i will really get help because this will alow a 20% tax cut, more money for a small business owner to put back in the business, to create a new job or expand and grow. >> greta: congressman paul ryan unveiled his budget today. the white house is not a big fan. that was the press release that they released right away. does his budget have any chance? of passing? >> the budget will pass the houts-- but it's dead on arrival, right? to be practical about this whole thing, the budgets end up -- they are a lot of work, but they are dead on arrival, this time in the senate.
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>> in the senate, they haven't passed a budget under harry reid in over a thousand days. so it is -- something that will allow us to put forcing the a vision as to how to grow this economy and to deal with the fiscal situation. we all are sort of around here very aware of the fact that the government is racking up well over $1 trillion of annual deficit. we cannot keep going like that. so what the budget does is it says, you know, we have to stop the uncontrolled spending. we have to begin to live within our means. here's our blueprint to do that. that's what this does. >> greta: all right. i haven't taken a look at the budget. it's enormously complicated and large. i must think that the citizens are enormously frustrated because the president sent the budget to the senate, dead on ark rifle. the senate doesn't come up with a bill at all -- a budget at all. congressman paul ryan has one that will pass the house and be
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sent to the senate, dead on arrival there. meanwhile, every single american is doing his or her job, getting things done. instead, we just limp along here on capitol hill, without budgets to control our spending, or our economy? >> so much room from frustration over this. i mean, just in simple, broad terms, the government is spending over $3 trillion, taking in a little over $2 trillion-- how long before we implode? >> not only is it frustrating, that very fact, there is an unwillingness to adopt a plan and to put a plan in place to resolve t. that's all we are saying. we don't solve the problem overnight. rome wasn't built in a day or burned in a day. we are saying, adopt our plan so we can get about the business of saying, there is a certainty of focus that we're going to address the problem and then grow the economy. but, you know, the unwilling tons say we need a plan in place, that's what is so
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frustrating. and we are going to try again. but some of the things, i think the president himself said and i know he told me, back almost a year ago, a little bit more, there are going to be things left up to the election. that's what the election's going to be about. it's going to be about who is best put to lead this country, to grow the economy, get people back to work and get the fiscal situation straight here in washington. >> greta: thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> >> greta: coming up, stephen chu and the honor system. what grade does he give himself for the way he has controlled gas prices? the secretary will tell you rest
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11:00 p.m. eastern. now, back to greta. >> greta: senator santa ana is here by phone. >> hello, greta. how are you? very well. i assume you are disappointed tonight and it's always more fun to win. but i am curious, where do you go from here? you go to louisiana. but explain the path to victory for you? >> well, you know, we feel like we're we are going to do very, very well in louisiana. we are up a a dozen points. we are up there, you know, fighting, you know, pretty big odds, and the chicago media market with 70% of the population of the state, we got out spent 21-1, we feel like, you know, we are up there, running against the machine and you know, in a state like illinois, a pretty moderate state, they elect moderate
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republicans here, you know, it's a tough state for us to win. but we won down-state districts, we picked up 13, 15 delegates. you know, we are the only other one who picked up detigates here in the state. we will go to wisconsin, where we are there, up, we have states in my back yard, pennsylvania, delaware, new york. we feel like we can do very well inule of those states? in terps of your phone call to governor romney, has the tone changed? i mean, are you friendlier, what's it like to make these phone calls? >> you know what? you know, you make the phone call. you congratulate him. he won. and, you know, one of the things i have always tried to do in my life is, you know, never to make anything personal. if you can have a agreement dispra without being disagreeable, you try to separate those things. obviously, you know, i have
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concerns about the way the campaign was run, but have you to keep it on the playing field and not make it personal. i congratulated him, wished him well and said i'll see him on the road. >> greta: the role of money, outspent 21-1. that's extraordinary numbers. i am curious if you have a reflection on money in the campaigning and this idea of how much it costs to run for president? >> well, this is going to be known as super pac cycle. the fact is, most of the money that was spent against us, almost all negative ads, was spent by his super pac, which are a handful -- from the reports, a handful of billionaire friends, writing million-dollar checks on a weekly basis. that's the reason that governor romney -- his campaign -- in illinois, i mean, they ran more ads than we did. but it's overwhelmingly million-dollar spl superpac ads.
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i didn't -- i wasn't in the area of high finance and didn't hang out with a lot of billionaires when -- the only billionaires i hung out were democratic senators. so they are not very willing to give me much money. >> greta: do you have -- do you have a fundamental objection to what the super pacs are doing to the election cycle? the recent supreme court case unleashed this new method of having super pacs, basically with unlimited funds so they can be very involved. fifty two some people think they can direct the results ofam capains because it is so much money. do you have a problem with super pacs? >> no. i don't. i mean, i have a problem with the finance clauses. i don't think there should be super pacs. i think you should give money directly to the candidate and they are responsible for everything that goes up on television and everything tais said in the campaign. what happens with the finance laws is that you have this plausible deniability.
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li didn't know they were running that. i didn't know they were going to say these nasty, horrible things. i think it's much better if the candidate has to put their own face and name on the ads and that allows the assassination without your fingerprints on the body. >> greta: except, there is nothing to stop any candidate ever from standing up and disavowing what a super pac is doing. there is nothing to stop that. i don't think we have seen any of that. there has been a lot of dirty stuff. a lot of things said about the super pacs, but i don't recall any candidate standing up against the super pac. maybe my memory is wrong. >> you are right. i have called governor romney and newt has on several of the things that his super pacs have run which are not factual and governor romney says i don't have anything do say about it -- little not my -- that's pretty pathetic. i can tell you, if my super pac -- which doesn't run a lot of negativeas, biif they said
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something that was in error, i would publicly ask them to pull it down. now, you can't make them. but you would think if the candidate says you don't do this, it's hurting my campaign and i don't i don't want tthat y would listen. >> greta: did have you a personal conversation with mitt romney, or was this bandied around through the press and speeches? have you discussed super pacs with him directly? >> i have not. no. i knew that was an advantage he had. he had his own personal wealth. to fund his own campaign, as he did last time around. i knew that with super pacs, we would have a lot of folks with the resources. but here's the key. i mean, you know, he has pulled the outspending his opponent in this primary, but he's not going to be able to did that in the general election. in the general election, you can have to connect with the people
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because barack obama's not going to be outspent by anybody. he's not going to be outorganized by anybody. have you to have a strong, convincing and compelling mange to win this general election. and that's what mitt romney has been short in this entire campaign. so that's why i am staying out there. i think we have -- [inaudible] as time goes on, we feel very comfortable that we are going to win this nomination because we -- we have -- the best [inaudible] >> greta: do you think that you start drowning in the issue, the social issues, that got away from the economic issues, where many americans are worried about the economic issues and the jobs and you got the social issues swirling around you, with too much emphasis? >> well, it's funny, gret a. i mean, you know, i do interviews and the first thing feis usually on a social issue. and the second question is, why do you talk so much about social issues.
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please, listen to my speech tonight and every speech... [inaudible] this is not what i talk b. this is what you asked me about. do i believe? -- in the issues. >> greta: senator -- senator, i am going to stop thru because your cell is breaking up and we are having an increasingly difficult time trying to make out what you are saying. but thank you for joining us. we will look forward to the rest of the campaign and the other states. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: coming up, remember the honor system, where you got to grade yourself? energy secretary stephen chu is grading himself on handling gas prices.
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>> they keep climbing, gas prices are soaring above $3.80 a gallon. in some states, it's more than $4 a gallon. so, what does energy secretary stephen chu think of his job performance when it cps to gas prices? >> in controlling the cost of gasoline at the pump you give yourself an a-minus itch the tools at our disposal are limited. but i would say, i would give myself higher, in that since i became secretary of energy, i have been doing everything i can to get long-term solutions. >> greta: higher than an a-minus. you know hathat is? he gives himself an "a" or an a-plus. congressman jordan is here. good evening, sir. >> good to be with you. >> greta: your thoughts on this grading? that miff been an interesting moment inside the room. >> only this administration, which -- you know, has gas
1:43 am
prices $4 a gallon, can give themselves an "a." here-- why did he do that? i was surprised. this is an extremely smart guy, nobel prize physicist. >> the takeaway from the hearing, the questions from me and colleagues, folks on the committee... they are so committed to this green energy strategy and helping -- you know, we had -- we asked questions about helping their friends to get loans, 28 of the 23 companies -- 27 companies that got loan his connections to the obama administration, people who raised money. they are so focused on that and helping companies that shouldn't have gotten loans, that they can't focus supply. they are a green energy focused agenda and they can't get to the heart of the matter, which is that we need to increase supply. >> greta. >> the environmental movement should be outraged.
1:44 am
the solyndra problem with the $500 billmillion loan, tell give ammunition to anybody who wants to pursue solar energy. it's incredible. giving money and keel deals to fund-raisers and having those programs go belly up. that hurts the environmental movement. >> think it's a pattern of the administration. you look at 23 of the 27 companies that got loans -- fiche and s&p rated them as junk status. no one would give them the money-- which should have been a sign. that should have been a sign. >> that's how committed they are to the green energy. versus what the american people want which is to increase the supply and bring down the price, which is whatly we need to help the economy. here's the important thing. they are starting to get the message. it is no accident that the
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president went to oklahoma. he is not going to oklahoma because he thinks they will win in november. they are losing on the issue and they better do something. unfortunately, i don't think he will help us increase supply. but they get that this is impacting them politically and maybe -- maybe they will do something smart and focus on the supply and get away from this ridiculous program that they had. >> greta: for the life of me, i don't understand secretary chu. when you look at his background, very smart man. a very accomplished man. yet, they put him in charge of a big government agency and they gave him the power to sign loan -- apparently okay a loan deal and just sqander hundreds of millions of dollars and really hurt the green movement and set a bad example. i mean, it's astounding that -- >> there are only two conclusions you can reach. either they were helping their political buddies or they're
1:46 am
were incompetent or both. 8 of 10 companies that had close connections, steve wesley is on the board of tesla, works in the department -- they got a loan. the commerce secretary, who is -- got a loan from a company he was on the boardue look at the connections, it's help your buddies, incompetence or both. and the people who pay the price, the american taxpayers and the people who have to buy gas, which is every american citizen. >> greta: and the missed opportunity to really do good development -- >> good point as well. >> greta: to pursue the things -- >> everyone is for -- look! you conservatives, you republicans, we are all for alternative sources, but let the market do t. don't play the chron iism game and help your political friends and don't do it at the expense of doing what you should do, focus on the gas prices on the increasing supply. that's the problem.
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>> greta: congressman, thank you. we know what secretary chu thinks his grade is, higher than an a-minus, agree or grade him. go to gretawire. straight ahead, move over, wright brothers, a creative engineer has found a new way to take flight and the high-flying advantages are caught on camera. a marine's battle to save her
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>> here's the best of the rest. airplanes seem to get bigger and fancier all the time. but a dutch mechanical engineer is going back to the basics to fly. he is takeag i flight with just wings. he developed a set of human bird wings and after 8 months of research and building, he took the wings to the test. you can see from the video, the wings worked. he flew 100 meters. now, that's success. firefighters rush to the rescue in a car fire in minnesota. but get this -- they were wearing bawl gowns at the time. it broke down in the middle of a st. patrick's day parade and they were wearing costumes. when the flames spread, the
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firefighters quickly sprung into action and doused the flame, even wearing floor-length gowns. now they are being called hieros. time to celebrate. a big reunion is in the works. a u.s. marine just won her battle to adopt the service dog she worked with in iraq. last week, we told but corporal levey's campaign to save her german shepherd partner, rex. now the pair hunted ieds together in iraq and both were injured in 2006. the corporal retired and now sergeant rex is retiring. the corporal wanted to adopt the dog, but she ran into all kinds of red tape. that upset all of us. but there is good news -- no, it's great news. the air force has agreed to relieve rex to her care. and they will live together. coming up, michelle obama taking to late-night tv to tell white
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house secrets. see who
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